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    TIME PEARL a flagship brand of TIME ELECTRONIC incorporated in the state of Gujarat, India in 2016. We have grown to a firm that aims to be the heart of leading brands by 2025 on every continent. All the movements we manufacture are CE & Rohs Amenable.


We specialize in manufacturing hearts for all the clocks which turn their body to life. We envisage and believe that; one fine day; it would be so-called by every-one….. “Behind every successful clock brand; there is TIME PEARL”. Our vision is to be amongst first-line suppliers for famous quartz clock manufacturers, around the world.

Few, high end models of Wall Clocks are considered as status symbols / luxury items and are enhancing grace on floors / walls; everywhere. What fascinates us is that, beauty andaccuracy of the clock is and will be controlled by our engineering; master pieces, which are made under austere quality control and under the guidance of supervisors and engineers who possess experience of more than 20 years in the field. We pompously announce that; we have combined technology with best craftsmanship resulting in a product of un-equaled quality.

It’s not what we manufacture; the movements of “TIME PEARL”, are art pieces which are exclusivelyhand-crafted to pump life in clocks; while themselves being physically backstageas success story of clocks.